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Apart from customized technical solutions,
‌infrastructure and integrations. ‌We also build
‌ready-made websites, ‌mobile applications,
‌& ‌elaborate online business services.

IT Solutions

We sell/service computers, storage, networking and tailored IT Solutions.

Environment Monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring solutions that deliver peace of mind.


We employ a systematic approach wired/wireless systems in any environment

Customized Solutions

 Applications, Hardware or Software.

Beyond The Naked Eye

Why Choose Us?

14 years of work

We have established ourselves as professionals in our field, working with both small and well-known brands. We partner with many of the tech industry’s top vendors and global manufacturers to deliver unmatched excellence.

Individual approach

Every company has its conception and motto. We work to develop unique products and services. We are your single point of contact for telecoms, IT managed services, internet connectivity, network infrastructure and security.

We grow for the future

Highly skilled professionals will help your business grow on par with the new technologies. bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise ensuring you receive the best quality of service.

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Leading tech agency with solid design and development
‌expertise. We build ready-made websites, mobile applications,
and elaborate online business services. We have the right expertise
‌for your structured cabling, security and systems monitoring needs.

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Our Clients

Several selected clients, who already
believe in our services.
Small Businesses

Small Businesses face unique challenges developing an IT infrastructure, but you shouldn't have to face these challenges alone. we will help you maximize your resources by identifying the right combination of solutions, services, and technology products to guide you toward your desired business outcomes. Whether you need to outsource your IT support or enhance your cybersecurity, we work directly with small business owners every step of the way. Working with a limited budget? No problem- we can scale to meet your needs.

Retail / Agriculture / Energy / Mining

Under pressure from growing consumer demand and threats to infrastructure from both foreign cyber-attack and environmental changes, retail, energy and utility companies are in a race to modernize their aging IT infrastructure and grids. Customers expect to interface with their energy providers across a plethora of touch points, including smart devices. This requires new layers of security protocols, hardware, and software to protect their data. Pyrokorp ITS leads the way in modernizing and securing IT infrastructures while ensuring compliance with shifting regulatory standards.

Government / Industrial

Pyrokorp ITS has the requisite clearances, skills, experience, and brand relationships to deliver secure, robust, and scalable digital transformation solutions that meet and exceed the needs of the public sector, from local to national.

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